The Christian Harmony, 1873 Walker Edition

by Gaylon L. Powell

The Christian Harmony, 1873 Walker Edition

7-Syllable Walker Shape-Note System

Walker shape-note system
Image (scale) courtesy of Karen Willard, 2018.

The Christian Harmony: in the Seven-Syllable Character Note System of Music; Being the Most Successful, Natural, and Easy Method of Acquiring a Knowledge of This Art; Saving to the Learner an Immense Amount of Time and Labor, Thus Placing the Science of Music Within the Reach of Every Person; Containing the Choicest Collection of Hymn and Psalm Tunes, Odes and Anthems, Selected From the Best Authors in Europe and America; Together with a Large Number of New Tunes, from Eminent Composers, Never Before Published, Embracing a Great Variety of Metres Suited to the Various Hymn and Psalm Books Used by the Different Denominations of Christians; Adapted to the Use of Singing Schools, Choirs, Social and Private Singing Societies: Also a Copious Elucidation of the Science of Vocal Music, and Plain Rules for Beginners



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